7th Sense Leadership

7th Sense Leadership is a comprehensive leadership development process designed to help executives successfully navigate the challenges of the 21stcentury to create and lead healthy,thrivingorganizations.


Transformation begins with executives' opening new ways of thinking—new ways of seeing themselves, the organization, and the world. Our work facilitates transformation by awakening the source of power, emotional intelligence, wisdom and confidence. We call this "7th Sense knowing." 7th Sense knowing moves beyond the five senses and the sixth sense, which is intuition - to access the dimension of spirit —to open worlds of possibilities, that enlightens and informs decision making.

7th Sense leadership, is a dynamic leadership development process that combines a series of workshops and individual executive coaching.

Our approach has two major phases:

  1. Creating the foundation for leading effectively by:
    • Enhancing individual executive effectiveness;
    • Building "high trust" relationships and teamwork.
  2. Identifying key roles of leadership by helping executives to successfully:
    • Lead the organization into the future;
    • Manage the organization for top performance;
    • Create a high performance, healthy organizational culture.
Pat Battle & Associates works with you to customize your individual development, team success, and organization needs to enable the desired results.