Cross Cultural Development
High Performance Through Inclusion and Valuing Differences

Organizations that thrive in this century will be healthy inclusive work communities that value individual and group differences such as: accent, age, ethnicity gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation. Healthy cultures will create conditions that foster extraordinary results as magnets attracting and keeping top talent. Employee surveys are revealing that more than half of employees in organizations feel they work in "toxic" environments.

We support organizations and their leaders in creating a vision and shared values which give rise to conditions that nourish the human spirit and release the true potential of diverse individuals and groups. These companies live and espouse messages with core values that are inclusive and can easily be internalized by people at all levels of the system.

Inclusive organizations are high performing, stronger, more flexible, adaptable, can hear and take into account different approaches that lead to furthering their business goals.
Needless to say, traditional management techniques will not be sufficient to attain/ensure inclusiveness. Leaders and managers will not only need to see and appreciate the value of inclusion and differences, they will need to have the emotional and business savvy to create conditions that nourish diverse human spirits for innovation.
Future oriented organizations must also be concerned with who is to consume their products or services. Understanding differences in the work force can lead to a better understanding of the customers both nationally and internationally To that end, the true richness of diversity is in the variety of ideas and approaches it brings to an enterprise.
Today's marketplace is national, global and too dynamic toe remain in a mono-cultural mind set. Again- those organizations that take advantage of the panoply of differences available to them maintain an edge over the competition.
Pat Battle & Associates works with you to a make a business case for the value of fully using a diverse work force.