About Us
Our Mission

Is to help create healthy thriving individuals, teams and organizations that will be able to ride the crest of the waves of constant flux in a rapidly changing global marketplace. We do this by providing feedback and creating processes to help them achieve their vision and live their values.

About The Associates

Pat Battle & Associates has a pool of highly qualified consultants and trainers who deliver value to our clients throughout the world. A significant number of these consultants hold advanced degrees and specialize in the behavioral sciences, organization development, technology, strategic management, and other related areas.
The diversity of the consultants' skills, experiences and geographic location ensures that our clients receive the highest quality services. They come from Fortune 500 companies, academia, governmental agencies, technology departments and other consulting firms. Many are members of the NTL Institute for the Applied Behavioral Sciences.
Our consultants do not come in with predetermined boilerplate programs. Consulting teams are carefully selected to match each client's unique consulting, training, and coaching needs. They work toward the strategic objectives of client organizations in order to their methodology and technology. Pat Battle & Associates believes in working ourselves out of a job, leaving our clients fully equipped to maintain our new course of direction.