Information Technology
The Human Touch

The ever-changing business environment demands leaders who understand that technical skills are not enough to succeed in today's competitive environment. While Information Technology is constantly evolving and changing, human nature remains the same. Leaders and managers need human relations skills in order to get the best out of their people.

Strategic information systems planning, technical conversions, business analysis, project management, process improvement and strategic IT exploitation all require the human touch. In these changing times information technology groups are new strategic partners on the organization playing field. In order to better meet the current and future demands of the organization there must be a partnership between the behavioral scientist and the information technologist.
Information technologists are faced with challenging demands, high turnover changing requirements and many of the same issues confronting others in the organization. These issues include change management and resistance to change; cross cultural and diversity issues; building high performing teams; conflict management; stress and time management; and a host of other organizational development issues.
Pat Battle & Associates strives to provide the highest quality service to support our clients in achieving their goals by leveraging the human side of technology. We work to understand the nature of your business and customize our work to fit the organization, work group and individual.

The critical success factor of any IT project lies not only in the technology deployed, but also in the people behind it. Pat Battle & associates works with the CEO's, VP's, managers, team leaders, work groups, trainers and contractors to help assure a smooth and successful implementation.

We focus our attention and resources on you, your people, your customers-and their customers. Successful IT connections begin with people connections.