Resistance Style Inventory
About the Developers

Pat Clark Battle, Ph.D. is the President of Pat Battle & Associates, an international consulting firm. She is a consultant, professor and lecturer who is often called upon as a motivational keynote speaker. Her work includes team development, executive coaching, conflict management, mergers, transition management, leveraging diversity and 7th Sense!leadership. She is a member of the NTL Institute for the Applied Behavioral Sciences, The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and the Association for Psychological Type.

Donald C. Klein, Ph.D.(1923-2007) spent many years contributing as a consultant in organization development and community change. His work focuses on individual, organizational, and community empowerment, increasing organizational effectiveness, dealing with interpersonal differences, mentoring, and management development. He has written extensively on the topic of resistance and power. He was a member of the NTL institute for the Applied Behavioral Sciences and the Organizational Development Network.

Kimberly Battle,.M. S. is an Organization Development Consultant, providing diversity and inclusion, planned systems change, individual and group development, assessment instruments and effective communication. She works in petroleum industries, education, telecommunications, insurance, consultation, health care, and government agencies. She is a member of the NTL institute for the Applied Behavioral Sciences, The Gestalt institute of Cleveland, and the Organization Development Network.

Ordering Resistance Style Inventory

To order copies of the Battle Klein Battle Resistance Style Inventory:

WRITE: Pat Battle & Associates
Box 655 Fulton, Maryland USA 20759
PHONE:  301-604-6011  
FAX: 301-604-6015
COST: 1-199, $5.75 each; 200-299, $4.75 each 300-399, 4.25 each; 500 & up, $3.00 each
Minimum order $20.00. Shipping & handling charges are additional.